Reno Bike Project: Local Nonprofit at Work

A few months ago, I interviewed Genevieve Parker, Program Director of the local nonprofit, Reno Bike Project. Straight from my interview and from their website, Reno Bike Project’s mission is,

“Reno Bike Project (RBP) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit community bicycle shop and resource for the Truckee Meadows committed to creating a nationally recognized, cycling-friendly community through education, cooperation and advocacy.”[¹]

I was most interested in Reno Bike Project when I was looking at local nonprofits to interview because of their fantastic website. On the about section of their website, I could find extensive information on all their financials and strategic plans, including a 2015-2020 strategic plan that is 36 pages and provides a wealth of information that was easy to read and filled with intuitive ideas. It was clear what vision Reno Bike Project is trying to build for itself in the Reno community.

Reno Bike Project in the Community

building-frontReno Bike Project started in 2006 as a basement project. From that year, Reno Bike Project has grown immensely in a plethora of ways. Currently, Reno Bike Project takes a role in advocacy for cycling in the Reno Community. They are involved in various organizations, such as The Regional Transportation Commission’s Citizens Multimodal Advisory Committee, University of Nevada Reno Campus Cycling CoalitionNevada State Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Advisory Board, and many more.

One of my favorite programs run by Reno Bike Project is the Biggest Little Commuter Program,

“The Biggest Little Commuter Program (BLCP) was established in 2013 to address unique challenges faced by adults working to beat poverty. Access to affordable transportation is a key, often-overlooked barrier to gaining and keeping employment, so the BLCP’s mission is “employing bicycles to empower low-income individuals to overcome transportation barriers in the Truckee Meadows.”[²]

Another amazing program is their Major Taylor Ride Club, which is a fantastic summer camp for teens and pre-teens,

“Want to make sure your kid spends at least a week of the summer outdoors, riding bikes and having fun?  At our introductory Major Taylor Ride Camp, we learn road safety, bike handling, mechanics, and more skills; all while exploring the Truckee Meadows and doing fun activities on road and mountain bikes.”[²]

A key to Reno Bike Project’s success is the outreaching of support and sponsors they associate themselves with. Collaborating with other organizations is a key to growing as a nonprofit organization. From my interview, it was clear that collaborating with other for-profit and nonprofit organizations was a priority for them. It is clear that it has been successful. Their website lists supporters such as Whole Foods, the City of Reno, New Belgium Brewing, The Holland Project, the Reno Gazette Journal, and dozens of others.

Through my interview with Genevieve Parker and looking through their website, Reno Bike Project is so clearly involved in our community that it would take a long time to go through all the positive impacts they have had on Reno. In this blog, I just wanted to highlight their organization and provide links to check them out. They are awesome. From community outreach to workshops to special events to simply making bicycles a more accessible mode of transportation in the Reno area, they have done a great deal to help Reno become what it is today.

Please consider going to their website, which is full of information for how to get involved with the organization. From wanting to rent a bike, attend an awesome event, or if you simply want to support the organization, there is plenty of reasons to want to be associated with such a fantastic nonprofit organization. Thanks again to Reno Bike Project and Genevieve Parker for letting me come in and asking some questions!

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Photo Credits:

Reno Bike Project Store Front

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